About me:

 Born in 1958, living and working in Antwerp (Belgium)

Education:-Institut Saint-Luc, Brussels.Graduate in Graphical Arts,Major in Illustration.

              -Acrylic painting,private lessons with Charlotte Vindevoghel(5 years).

              -St-Lucas Academy for Visual Arts,Kapellen.Drawing with Model(4 years).

Exhibitions:A few collective exhibitions in Antwerp.

 About my work:

 The process of creating is for me a necessity.

Wether through painting,drawing,photography or music,it is a way to find happiness

while being immersed in a world of sensations and emotions.

The pleasure to experiment , guided by an inner force.

Each time, a wonderful journey, a balancing act between emptiness and completeness,

a game of shadow and light, an exercise of shapes and lines, an interaction between colours,

a desire for simplicity, a search to obtain an optimal composition.

The subject is a graphic starting point, an invitation to travel, to explore,

to choose a route, the discovery of new landscapes, constantly changing.

The difficulty lies in recognizing the arrival,the exact time to end the adventure.

That, I share with you.........my travel souvenirs.                                                    BACK TO MAIN INDEX